Fair Map Amendment

The Illinois Fair Map amendment just has a procedural shift. There’s also no express provision to specify whether the state must depend on the count performed by the federal census (which counts incarcerated persons where they’re incarcerated, skewing representation). The amendment would likewise mandate increased transparency during the mapping procedure, including public hearings.

The procedure would be open to the general public, with transparency and public oversight at each step. The selection process spelled out in the amendment is intended to minimize the effect of political parties and create a panel that’s racially and geographically diverse. The process would likewise be open to the general public. The very first step in the quasi-judicial plan amendment method is to talk to a county planner about the procedure and possible problems.

If you’ll examine my district, you’re observe a sliver that’s about three houses wide that goes on for a number of miles,” he explained. The districts aren’t only targeted at securing Democrat votes, but protecting incumbents also. Be aware that state legislative districts are not the same as Congressional districts.

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